Took info off of page 3 of 28 in Clinical report as Foreword. As a large family of virus, coronavirus is a single plus strand RNA virus featured byenvelopes. As known to us, such virus can trigger major diseases such as cold, Middle East
Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

SARSSARS-CoVCoV-2 was identified in the cases of viral pneumonia in

Wuhan, 2019 and was named officially by WHO on January 12, 2020. As a core protein of SARS SARS-CoVCoV-2, N protein (Nucleocapsid) is a component inside the virus, and is relatively conservative among categorycategory-β coronaviruses and is a common to ol for diagnosis on coronaviruses. As a key
receptor for SARS SARS-CoVCoV-2’s entry in the cell, ACE2 is of great significance for research on the virus infection mechanism.

The R&D work concerning the SARS SARS-CoVCoV-2 antibody test kit (GICA) of the Company has been a ccomplished. To validate the applicability and accuracy of such test strip on clinical applications, clinical validation is carried out. Beijing Aipuyi Medical Inspection Center was entrusted by Beijing Lepu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. with clinical tests of the SARS SARS-CoVCoV-2 antibody test kit (GICA) produced by it. In total, 220 samples were involved in this clinical research. II Purpose



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