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Our mission is to provide the best Personal Protective Equipment at affordable prices. Allegiant Med Supply is dedicated to providing the highest quality of protective gear at competitive prices.

We help protect your frontline workers, so they can enjoy a safe environment and feel comfortable at the same time.

When you need us, we are here to help!

Cory, Founder and CEO of Allegiant Med Supply, LLC. served his country by joining the US Air Force and was blessed with the opportunity to become a part of the emergency flight paramedic team, and an LVN.  Cory has a compassion for people and the COVID 19 pandemic has allowed him and his teams the opportunity to assist the medical community.  Allegiant Med Supply’s, employee’s and teams, work tirelessly to ensure that others are safe, and that can only be done by securing quality, medical PPE products. 

  • We are a Small, minority, veteran owned company.
  • We have aligned ourselves with manufacturers (some direct and others through partnership agreements) that produce FDA approved, CE approved and 510k approved quality products.

Visit the specific item you are in the market for, under Products on our header line and check out the specifications and certifications for your review and approval.  We have listed the most popular and we do have other items that are not listed.  If you have a specific need please do not hesitate to ask us for a quote and we will send you quote with specifications and certifications.

  • We have various purchasing platforms that we offer our customers.
  • We are forward thinking.
  • We have an FDA import license and team with others who have the same.
  • We have logistics covered. We are teamed with partners who have over 45 years, experience in medical and distribution. 
  • We have strong financial partners thus have buying and staying power.

Cory Garza


Trusted Partner

You have needs and we have products.  Why use Allegiant Med Supply for your needs?

  • Because we can be trusted to deliver. Allow us to provide a quote and get your material through our partnerships with manufacturers and our experienced mass medical distribution logistics team.
  • We have been trusted to fill orders for the Texas Division of Emergency Management.
  • We have been trusted to provide products to various government agencies and hospitals through various companies.
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